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Tsilomelekis Research Group

Material Synthesis | Heterogeneous Catalysis | Operando Molecular Spectroscopy 

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HORIBA | LabRAM HR Evolution

High spatial and spectral resolution Raman spectrometer (UV compatible) equipped with a confocal microscope


Air cooled open electrode 1024x256 pixels CCD -75°C

Laser Source: 532nm

UV-Vis-NIR macro lens of 40 mm focal length for open geometry Raman configuration


High resolution (~0.9 cm-1) infrared spectrometer equipped with DLaTGS and MCT-A detectors

Long Lifetime Polaris™ Infrared Source

Gold optics

Parker-Balston 75-45 purge unit

HARRICK | Reaction Chambers 


High-Temperature DRIFT Reaction Chamber


Raman reaction top dome (UV-quartz window)


Suitable for Operando spectroscopic measurements


Operation from high vacuum (133 μPa or 10-6 torr) to 3.44MPa (25.8 ktorr) 


Temperature up to 910°C (under vacuum)



Specac | ATR 


High-performance single reflection monolithic diamond ATR


Analysis of a broad range of materials including those that are abrasive, hard, reactive, or corrosive


Temperature up to 300°C

High-Pressure Reactors 


Non-Stirred Pressure Vessel (100ml) for catalyst preparation


Stirred Pressure Vessel (50ml) 


Stirred Pressure Vessel (500ml) for process scale-up




Vacuum Oven 


Static and Dynamic vacuum




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