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This Python-based application allows facile use of common spectral preprocessing techniques with instantaneous results to support their learning. It is intended for students, users and trainees that aim to gain insights into why preprocessing matters and how different methods affect or even alter data interpretation. 
Installation and running Porchlight
1.    Install Python. I recommend using Anaconda to perform the installation. Follow the installation guide. When you get to step 8, make sure to select “Add Anaconda 3 to my PATH environment variable.”
Alternatively, you can install Python from the official website.
Finally, you can install Python from the Windows store.

2.    Download program folder from here: 

3.    Run installation.bat from the folder to install the required packages.

4. Run RunMe.bat to run the program.

Instructions and Manual of Porchlight
You can download Porchlight's manual from here:
This material is based upon work supported in part by Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, and the National Science Foundation Award #1751683 and Award #1705825.

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